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    School Supplies

    Attendance Reporting

    If your child is going to be late or absent you may report this to the school by calling, using the App on your smart phone or online.

    Kindergarten registration

    Kindergarten Registration

    If you have children at home who were born in 2016 and you have not yet registered them to start school in September, there's still time! 

    How to Register
    Online Registration (click here)

    If you have any questions, email evelynharrison@tvdsb.ca for assistance. 

    Please note that whether you begin the registration process online or in person, you will need to bring proof of age and proof of address to the office to finalize and confirm the registration. Proof of age may be a birth or baptismal certificate, passport, or other form of Canadian ID. Proof of address may be a utility bill or a purchase or lease agreement. Please note that a driver’s license cannot be accepted as proof of address.

    Info. about Before & After School Child Care
    School bus info. for Kindergarten Students 
    Tyke Talk Info.
    Parent Portal Info. for New Registrants